Speech Chips Data Archive & Repository

Welcome to the Speech Chips Data Archive & Repository, a free service provided by Savage Innovations.

Striving to be the premier online destination dedicated to preserving the legacy of vintage speech (and sound) ICs, it is my mission is to safeguard (and provide to the public - at no cost) the rich history of these remarkable components that once revolutionized the way we interact with technology.

The Collection

At the heart of the archive lies an extensive collection of data sheets, sound samples, and details of the products powered by these iconic chips that I have personally collected through the years. From the classic Votrax SC-01-A and the SP0256-AL2 Orator chips to the Speakjet and Soundgin, this repository serves as a comprehensive resource for those eager to explore the auditory landmarks of technological innovation.

New Too!!!

In addition to the vintage smattering of chips, the latest additions to the auditory landscape have a home in the archives as well - including the HOT OFF THE PRESS SoundginZ. With so much to explore and discover in this new chip, you simply can't miss out on taking a look firsthand.

The Store

Beyond the digital archives, this platform hosts a store tailored for the vintage IC aficionado. Whether you're seeking specialized tools to tinker with these chips, looking to own a piece of computing history, or a chip creator looking to supply the world with your brainchild, the store offers a curated selection of products and components, including rare finds and essential accessories for your vintage tech projects.

How you can help

My research can only take me so far. If you have information or items that could enrich this archive, please don't hesitate to contact me (Scott Savage) from the contact page SpeechChips.com/Contact. Your contributions can help preserve more pieces of this important historical puzzle.

Join us on the journey

I want the Speech Chips Data Archive & Repository to more than just a resource for rare electronics; I'll soon be adding a forum allowing like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the ongoing celebration of these technological marvels. If you wish to contribute to my cause or have any inquiries, please reach out .

Thanks for visiting.
Scott Savage
Savage Innovations

Last Update: 03/27/2024